Italian Citizens: Easily book your appointment at the Italian embassy or consulate with Prenot@MI

Welcome to our website dedicated to Italian consulates and the new booking platform, Prenot@MI. 

If you are an Italian citizen or resident abroad and need to schedule an appointment at an Italian consulate, you are in the right place. With Prenot@MI, you can conveniently book your appointment online and upload all the necessary documents quickly and easily.

Italian consulates play a crucial role in assisting Italian citizens abroad. Whether you need to apply for a passport, an ID card, a visa, or other consular services, it is important to be able to organize your appointment efficiently and without stress. Thanks to Prenot@MI, all of this becomes easier than ever before.

The Prenot@MI platform offers numerous advantages

Firstly, it allows you to book your appointment directly from your computer or mobile device, avoiding queues and long waits. Simply access the website, select the consulate of your interest, and choose the date and time that are most convenient for you.

But that’s not all

Prenot@MI also allows you to upload the necessary documents for your application directly online. You can scan your documents or take photos of them with your smartphone and securely upload them to the platform. This eliminates the need to print and carry paper documents with you, further simplifying your consular experience.

To use Prenot@MI, simply register on the website and create an account. Once logged in, you can access the list of Italian consulates participating in the system and view the availability of appointments. 

Choose the one that suits you best and follow the instructions to complete the booking. You can also manage your future appointments and make changes to existing ones if necessary.

The security of your data is our top priority

Prenot@MI uses advanced security measures to ensure that your personal information and documents are protected. Your data will be treated in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.

In conclusion, Prenot@MI is the ideal solution to simplify the booking process at Italian consulates and quickly and securely upload the necessary documents. Save time and stress by booking your appointment online with Prenot@MI. Register today and enjoy a more efficient and convenient consular experience.

Prenot@MI is an online platform that allows Italian citizens or residents abroad to book appointments at Italian consulates quickly and conveniently. This platform also offers the option to upload the necessary documents directly online, further simplifying the consular process.

To use the Prenot@MI platform, follow these simple steps:

  • Registration: Before booking an appointment, you need to register on the Prenot@MI website. The registration will require some personal information, such as name, surname, email address, and other relevant details. You will also be asked to create a secure password for accessing your account.
  • Account Login: After completing the registration, you can log in to your account using the email address and password provided during registration.
  • Consulate Selection: Once logged in, you can view the list of Italian consulates participating in the Prenot@MI booking system. You can select the consulate you wish to visit.
  • Appointment Selection: After choosing the consulate, you can view the availability of appointments. Select the date and time that are most convenient for you among the available options.
  • Document Upload: One of the key features of Prenot@MI is the ability to upload the necessary documents directly online. This eliminates the need to bring paper documents with you to the consular appointment. You can scan the documents or take photos with your smartphone and upload them securely to the platform.
  • Confirmation of Appointment: After selecting the date, time, and uploading the documents, you can confirm the booking. Make sure to review all the information carefully before confirming.

By following these steps, you have successfully booked your appointment at the Italian consulate using the Prenot@MI platform. You can manage future bookings and make changes or cancellations through your account.

Prenot@MI is designed to simplify the consular booking process and provide a more convenient experience for Italian citizens or residents abroad.

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