The Flows Decree and its role in regulating the entry of foreigners into Italy

Italy, like many other nations, regulates the entry of foreign citizens within its borders through various legislative tools.

One of the main tools in this context is the Flows Decree. This measure is a cornerstone in the immigration policy of the Italian government, and it is renewed annually.

The Flows Decree establishes, each year, the precise number of available places for the entry of foreign citizens into Italy.

These places are distributed based on different types of work: subordinate, independent, and seasonal.

This division allows for more accurate and targeted management of immigration, ensuring that the needs of the Italian job market are met and that there is a balance between labor supply and demand. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Read the reviews we receive daily to see how we’ve done our best to meet their goals.

Reflection on the latest Flows Decree and its implications

The latest Flows Decree, for the year 2022, was approved with a DPCM dated December 29, 2022, and subsequently published on January 26, 2023.
The approval of this decree reflects the Italian government’s careful evaluation process in determining the country’s labor needs, considering both job opportunities and the current economic situation.

Forecasts for the 2023 Flows Decree: An in-depth analysis

So, what can we expect for 2023? According to available information, the new Flows Decree for 2023 forecasts a total of 136,000 entries.
This number, although just a figure, tells a much broader story about Italy’s aspirations and labor priorities.

The labor sectors that will see an influx of foreign labor include professions like electricians, plumbers, specialized figures in the family and socio-health sectors like housekeepers and caregivers. There will also be demand for skilled workers in passenger transport, especially those working with buses, and for workers in the fishing industry.

These choices clearly reflect the areas where Italy sees a greater need for labor.
But it’s not just about new sectors. Indeed, the decree will also confirm the presence of sectors already present in the previous decree.
These include the sector of goods transportation on behalf of third parties, construction, hotel tourism, mechanics, telecommunications, food industry, and shipbuilding.

This emphasizes the ongoing importance of these sectors to the Italian economy. The legislative journey of the 2023 Flows Decree
The Flows Decree, like all other decrees, must follow a specific legislative path. After its drafting, it is sent to Parliament for analysis and approval by both Chambers. On July 20, 2023, the outline of this decree was presented to Parliament, marking a fundamental step in its process.

An entrepreneur interested in hiring a foreign worker through the Flows Decree must follow a well-defined procedure. Here’s an overview of this process:

  • Single Immigration Desk: First and foremost, the entrepreneur should contact the Single Immigration Desk of their province. This office handles all administrative procedures for the entry, stay, and employment of foreign workers.
  • Stay Contract for Work: The entrepreneur must submit a work permit request, proposing a stay contract for subordinate or independent work in favor of the foreign citizen. The contract must indicate the type of work, duration, salary, and other conditions provided by Italian law.
  • Publication of the Flows Decree: After the publication of the Flows Decree, entrepreneurs can start submitting hiring applications for foreign workers. The submission usually takes place online through a system managed by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Waiting Times: Once the application is submitted, the company will have to wait for the approval of the work permit from the Single Immigration Desk. If approved, the permit is valid for six months.
  • Entry Visa: Once the permit is obtained, the foreign worker must go to the Italian embassy or consulate in their home country to request an entry visa for work. With the permit and other required documents, the worker can get the visa. Our company deals with providing the Bank Guarantee and health insurance to obtain a visa for Italy.
  • Entry into Italy: Once the visa is obtained, the worker has a period (usually six months) to enter Italy. After their arrival, within 8 working days, they must sign the stay contract at the Single Immigration Desk and attend a training meeting on the Italian language and culture.
  • Residence Permit: Once in Italy, the foreign worker must also apply for a residence permit. This is issued based on the duration of the work contract.
  • Renewal: If the entrepreneur and the worker are interested in continuing the working relationship at the end of the contract, they can request the renewal of the residence permit, always following the established procedures.

It’s important to note that the procedure may vary depending on the specific needs of the worker or the company, as well as legislative or regulatory changes. Therefore, it’s always recommended to consult a specialist or inquire directly at the Single Immigration Desk for updated and specific details on the procedure to follow.

Applications for 2023

With the official publication of the Flows Decree, the period during which foreign citizens can submit their applications will also begin.
These can be sent from the 63rd day after its official publication, or from the 62nd day for requests from countries with which there are migration cooperation agreements.

This time interval between the publication and the opening of applications provides an opportunity for candidates to prepare adequately, and for the Italian authorities to manage and organize the process efficiently.

The Flows Decree is an example of the complexity and importance of immigration management in Italy.

Through this tool, the country seeks to balance its labor needs with the opportunities offered to immigrants.

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