The Visa for Italy for adoption (VN)

Do you need the adoption visa to bring him/her to Italy?

Among the numerous bureaucratic procedures required, if the child comes from a non-EU country, it is necessary to obtain a visa for Italy.

It will need to be requested from the Italian Embassy in the child’s country of residence, and among the documents required to apply for the adoption visa, an insurance policy and a bank guarantee will be required.

The Visa for Adoption (VN) for Italy

What is the Adoption Visa?

The adoption visa is a long-term visa, indefinite or determined, depending on the case, and it is the document that allows the entry into Italy of a foreign non-EU minor who has been adopted or entrusted to an Italian family.

The adoption visa can only be issued after obtaining the clearance from the Commission for International Adoptions, as provided by Law 184/1983 (Articles 32 and 39, letter h), as amended by Law no. 476 of December 31, 1998, and by Law no. 149 of March 28, 2001.

The Italian Embassy, before issuing the Adoption Visa, must also verify the existence of the suitability declaration for adoption issued by the competent Italian juvenile court in relation to the adoptive parents’ residence and the conformity of the adoption order to local legislation.

The requirements for obtaining an adoption visa in Italy may vary depending on the specific situation and the child’s country of origin. However, here are some common requirements and steps you may need to follow:

Suitability assessment: First of all, potential adoptive parents must be assessed as suitable for adoption by Italian authorities.

In Italy, the suitability assessment is carried out by local social services and the juvenile court.

International adoption: If you are seeking to adopt a child from abroad, you will need to follow international adoption procedures, which may vary depending on the child’s country of origin.

Italy is a party to the Hague Convention on International Adoptions, which establishes common principles and procedures to facilitate adoptions between signatory countries.

Entry visa: Once the adoption is completed, the adopted child may need an entry visa to enter Italy.

The type of visa required will depend on the child’s country of origin and the specific circumstances of the adoption.

You may need to apply for an adoption visa or another type of visa depending on the case.

Residence permit: After arriving in Italy, the adopted child may need a residence permit.

Generally, adopted children are entitled to a family reasons residence permit, which allows them to legally reside in the country with their adoptive parents.

Acquisition of citizenship: Finally, adopted children may be entitled to acquire Italian citizenship.

Acquisition of citizenship can occur through various mechanisms, such as naturalization or recognition of citizenship by law.

The specific rules and procedures may vary depending on the circumstances. Remember that this information is only indicative and that adoption and immigration laws and procedures may change.

Therefore, it is important to consult a lawyer or expert in the field for specific advice on your situation.

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