How to apply for a tourist visa for Italy from Morocco?

Italy visa for Morocco 2023

What do I need to do to invite my Moroccan friend to come to Italy for tourism?

How to bring a relative from Morocco to Italy?

How much does the Italy visa cost in 2023?

These are just some of the many questions that people residing in Italy ask us every day, who wish to invite a friend or relative to Italy.

This article is aimed at providing all the necessary information. First of all, you should know that in order to obtain a tourist visa for Italy, it is the citizen in Morocco who must go to the Italian embassy in Rabat or an Italian Consulate to submit the visa application.

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Where is the Italian Embassy in Rabat located? Here are all the details:

The Italian Embassy in Morocco is located in RABAT at:

Address: 2, Zankat Driss Al Ahzar Tel: 00212537219730

Visa Office: +212.537.219.741

There is also the General Consulate:

The Italian General Consulate in Casablanca is located at:

21, Avenue Hassan Souktani 20000 Casablanca MOROCCO Visa Office Tel.: 0522 43 70 84;

the number is only active from Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 4pm E-mail:


The Italian Embassy has also established an agreement with a service company that handles visa issuance, but be aware that it is always the Italian Embassy that decides whether or not to issue the visa for a Moroccan citizen.

The service company is called: TLS Contact, to make an appointment to apply for a visa, you can do so in the following ways:

Phone: from Morocco: 05 30 92 92 50 / from Italy and abroad: 00212 5 30 92 92 50 – from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm;


To submit a visa application, it is necessary to make an appointment, through the following possibilities:

Phone: – from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (local time) from Morocco: 05 30 92 92 50 from Italy and abroad: 00212 5 30 92 92 50 Website:


Address: Walili Blanca Center, 42 Boulevard Abdelmoumen – Casablanca.

The service cost for each visa application is 230 Moroccan Dirhams (approximately €20).

Our company operates throughout Italy. Call now to obtain the Self-Employed Work Visa Guarantee for Italy in 24 hours, with us it’s easy and fast: Call now: +39.02.667.124.17 or + Write: WhatsApp: +39.339.71.50.157 Email:

What documents are required to obtain the visa?

The necessary documents to be presented at the appointment are: an invitation letter/accommodation declaration where the friend in Italy declares to host at their home or also called Invitation Letter for Foreigners for Tourist Visa Application or also Guarantee and/or Accommodation Declaration – PROOF OF SPONSORSHIP AND/OR PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION.

You can find the form at this link: Invitation Letter;

Travel Health Insurance policy, Visa Schengen Travel Insurance, is needed to guarantee payment of any medical expenses for health issues that may arise during the stay in Italy for an insured amount of €30,000; recent passport-sized photograph; travel document, passport, valid for at least three months beyond the expiry date of the visa requested; round-trip travel ticket (or reservation), or proof of the availability of personal means of transportation;

proof of sufficient financial means of support, as required by the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior of 1.3.2000, financial means can be demonstrated through a Bank Guarantee to ensure financial support for the entire period that the foreign citizen stays in Italy, for a maximum amount of €3,905 (90 days);

justifying documentation of one’s socio-professional condition (that of the foreign citizen who wants to come to Italy);

availability of accommodation (hotel reservation, hospitality declaration from the host, declaration of assumption of accommodation expenses by the host).

We can provide you with health insurance and a bank guarantee. How much does the Bank Guarantee and health insurance cost?

For a period of 90 days, but with a duration of 180 days, the Bank Guarantee costs €135,00

If the visa is required for multiple people or for a very short period of time and you have different needs, contact us immediately and you will receive your free quote within a few minutes.

If you also need health insurance for the tourist visa for a foreign citizen visiting Italy, we offer two different solutions:

for 30 days: at a cost of €80.00,

for 90 days at a cost of €120.00


The guarantee for foreigners and the health insurance for the tourist visa together for a period of 90 days has a total cost of €245.00.

The cost includes: issuance of the bank guarantee within 24 hours shipping of the guarantee for foreigners via email free consultation via WhatsApp to help you fill out the invitation letter.

You can download the invitation letter for free at these links provided by the Italian Government: Invitation Letter also known as Guarantee or Accommodation Letter.

What documents are needed to stipulate the Bank Guarantee for the Tourist Visa?:

For the Contractor (the person inviting the foreigner to Italy):

Copy of an identification document Self-certification of your or your family’s income, on a form provided by us.

For the Beneficiary (the friend you want to invite to Italy from Morocco):

Passport copy (first 2 pages with open book photo);

But do I have to deposit the amount of €3,905.00 to stipulate the Bank Guarantee?

NO, for us, self-certification of income is sufficient.

Do I need to open a current account to obtain the Bank Guarantee?

NO, it is not necessary.

What happens at the end of the Bank Guarantee’s duration? Does it need to be released?

NO, it automatically expires without any action required.

Can you send the guarantees to Morocco?

Because the Consulate requires them in original form. We provide you with guarantees with certified signature, it is not necessary to send them in paper form, but it is sufficient to send them via email, they are original documents even via email.

How long does it take to issue the Bank Guarantee and Health Insurance to apply for a tourist visa for Italy from Morocco 2023?

It only takes 24 hours from when you send us the 3 required documents.

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