Bank Guarantee for Tourist Invitation and entry into Italy for Non-EU Foreign Nationals, Indians, Subject to Visa Requirement.

Do you need a Bank Guarantee or an Insurance Guarantee to invite a citizen from INDIA who needs to apply for a tourist visa for Italy?

What is the Bank Guarantee for Italian tourist visas and what is its feature?

Discover how the Bank Guarantee for Italy Tourism Visa is essential for non-EU Indian citizens. Read testimonials from Filipinos and other foreigners who have used our services.

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This Guarantee for visa is one of the documents required by the Italian Embassy or consulate in India and serves to demonstrate the necessary financial availability for sustenance during the stay in Italy or in the Schengen Area. Learn how to obtain the guarantee for a tourist visa, a fundamental step for both Italian citizens and foreigners with a regular residence permit in Italy, aimed at assisting guests in obtaining the Tourist Visa for Italy.

Our bank guarantee for a tourist visa has several distinctive features: Guaranteed Amount: Guarantees €3,905 per person. 

This figure is in line with the requirements of the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior of March 1, 2000, demonstrating the availability of means of subsistence without the need to present cash availability. 

  • Validity: The guarantee is valid for 6 months, allowing stays in the Schengen area for periods of up to 90 days, depending on the combination chosen. 
  • Adaptable: It does not impose specific constraints on the date of departure and return, provided it is within the 6 months of validity of the guarantee.
  • Convenient: Offers a lower cost compared to other options available on the market, making it a convenient option. Compliant: It is in line with all directives of the European Visa Code, ensuring that it meets the legal requirements for entry into the Schengen Area. 

These features make our guarantee an attractive and versatile option for those looking to meet financial requirements for entry into Italy and the Schengen Area, especially for tourist or short stays from India.

How much does the Bank Guarantee for a tourist visa for a non-EU Indian citizen cost? 

Total Service Price: €135.00 Our complete package includes:

  • Issuance of the Guarantee (Bank Guarantee), guaranteed amount €3,905.00, duration 6 months.
  • Sending digitally signed documents via email
  • Guarantee of shipment within 24 hours of receipt of payment and required documentation

Where is the Italian Embassy in India?

The Italian Embassy in India is located in New Delhi. Here are the contact details: Address: 50 E Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 021 Phone: +91 – 11 – 26114355 Fax: +91 – 11 – 26873889 E-mail: PEC: (note, this mailbox is enabled to receive only from another PEC address) 

For appointments with the consular section, it is necessary to send an email to 

In India, there are also two Italian Consulates General: Italian Consulate in Mumbai: Address: Kanchanjunga Building, 72 G. Deshmukh Road, Mumbai Phone: +91 2223804071; +91 2223804073 Fax: +91 2223874072, +91 2223874074 E-Mail: 

Italian Consulate in Calcutta (Kolkata): Address: 5G Rev. Lalbehari Shah Sarani, Alipore Kolkata Phone: +91 3324792414; +91 3324792426 Fax: +91 3324793892 E-Mail:  

For more information on consular services and visas, you can consult the website of the Italian Embassy in New Delhi or contact the visa office directly via email at 

To obtain the bank guarantee, simply contact our company via email:

  • by phone, calling + or
  • writing via Whatsapp to +39 339 71.50.157, we respond within 5 minutes during office hours. Read testimonials from Filipinos and other foreigners who have used our services. 

What are other requirements necessary for entry into Italy from India?

For the entry into Italy of a non-EU foreigner for tourist purposes, in addition to the bank guarantee, some fundamental requirements are necessary:

  1. Entry Visa: If the citizen comes from a country that is not exempt from the visa requirement, they must obtain a tourist visa at the Italian embassy or consulate in their country of origin.
  2. Valid Passport: Must have a passport or another recognized travel document, valid for at least three months beyond the planned departure date from Italy or the Schengen Area.
  3. Return or continuation of travel ticket: It is necessary to have an air ticket (or other means of transport) that confirms the return to the country of origin or the continuation of the journey to another country at the end of the stay.
  4. Proof of economic support: You must provide proof of your economic capacity to support your guest during their stay in Italy. This can include bank statements, pay slips, or a declaration of hospitality if the guest will be staying with you. This can be demonstrated through the Bank Guarantee as proof of sufficient financial means to cover expenses during your stay in Italy.
  5. Medical insurance: It is necessary to provide proof of medical insurance that covers medical expenses during your stay in Italy, guaranteed amount at least €30,000.00. Make sure the insurance is valid for the entire period of stay in Italy. Valid health insurance that covers the period of your stay.
  6. Hotel reservation or declaration of accommodation: It is necessary to provide proof of accommodation for the period of stay, which can be a hotel reservation or a declaration of accommodation (ex invitation letter) if staying with a private individual.
  7. Documents justifying the purpose and conditions of the stay: For example, tourist itineraries, invitations, event reservations, etc. Remember that the requirements may vary depending on the visitor’s nationality and the evolution of regulations, so it is always recommended to check the most up-to-date information at the Italian embassy or consulate.

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