Introduction to the Bank Guarantee for the tourist visa for Italy: what it is and what it is for

“Tourist Visa for Italy: The Ultimate Guide to the Bank Guarantee”

To visit Italy as a tourist, European regulations require citizens of certain countries around the world to apply for a visa to Italy.

One of the conditions for obtaining the visa is to present a bank guarantee, which serves to ensure that the visitor has sufficient means to cover their expenses during their stay.

In this article, we will explore what a bank guarantee is and what it is used for in the Italy tourist visa process.

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What is a “fideiussione”?

A “fideiussione” is a financial commitment that a person or a company (the guarantor) undertakes towards another person or entity (beneficiary) to guarantee that a third party (the principal debtor) fulfills its obligation.

In this case, the principal debtor is the person inviting the foreign citizen to Italy, and the beneficiary is the visa applicant.

What is the purpose of the Bank Guarantee for the tourist visa for Italy?

The Bank Guarantee for the tourist visa for Italy is intended to ensure that the applicant has sufficient financial means to cover expenses during their stay. This includes expenses for lodging, food, and tourist activities. The Italian Government wants to be sure that the applicant does not become a burden on the state during their stay.

Fideiussione Bancaria per Visto turistico per l'Italia in lingua INGLESE ecco tutte le indicazioni

How to obtain a Bank Guarantee for the tourist visa for Italy?

Bank guarantees for the tourist visa for Italy can be obtained from an insurance company or a bank.

Through our company, you can receive a Bank Guarantee for a tourist visa in Italy within 24 hours.

NO cash deposit is required.

NO bank account opening is required.

NO release of the Bank Guarantee is required at the end of its validity; it expires automatically.

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How much does the Bank Guarantee for Italy Tourist Visa 2023 cost?

The cost is 135,00 Euros for a guarantee duration of 6 months (the maximum duration of the visa cannot exceed 90 days), and you do NOT have to deposit money as a guarantee, nor do you have to open a bank account.

You can pay via Bank Transfer, Postal Bulletin, or via Credit Card through PayPal.

How long does it take to obtain the Bank Guarantee for the Tourist Visa?

Within a maximum of 48 hours from when you send us the required documents, we can provide you with the Bank Guarantee for the Italy tourist visa. But if you are in a hurry, we can provide it in a few hours, just follow our instructions carefully.

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