How to Apply for a Visa to Italy?

This is definitely one of the most common questions asked by clients of Other important questions include:

  • Do you need a Visa for Italy in 2023?
  • How long does it take to get a visa for Italy?
  • How much does the visa to come to Italy cost?
  • What does a foreigner need to do to come to Italy?

In this article, we will answer these questions. If you have a friend, relative, or fiancé who lives in a non-EU country, you can send them an Invitation Letter or also called a Declaration of Hospitality to obtain the Visa for Italy 2023.

The person who needs to apply for the visa for Italy should go to the Italian Embassy in their country of residence, with your Invitation Letter (Declaration of Hospitality), and apply for a visa for a maximum period of 90 days.

The Italian Government has created a website with a simple guided procedure that clearly tells you if you need a visa and which documents are necessary on the day of the visa application for Italy at the Italian embassy. The website is easy to consult.

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What should a foreigner do who wants to come to Italy?

Let’s take the example of a person in Italy who wants to invite a friend from the Philippines. The non-EU foreigner who needs a visa for Italy can go to the Italian Government’s website, to the page: 4 questions to find out if you need an entry visa to come to Italy Just answer 4 simple questions:

  • Your nationality
  • The country in which you reside permanently
  • The duration of your stay, whether up to 90 days or more than 90 days
  • The reason for your stay and automatically the site will tell you: Summary of information entered:
  • Nationality: PHILIPPINES
  • Residence: PHILIPPINES
  • Duration of stay: up to 90 days
  • Necessary documents and forms to be presented at the Italian Embassy in Manila to apply for the Visa for Italy 2023:
    • Application form for the entry visa (view)
    • Recent passport-size photograph
    • Valid travel document with an expiry date at least three months longer than the requested visa
    • Round trip travel ticket (or reservation), or proof of personal transportation means
    • Proof of financial means of support, as required by the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior 1.3.2000 – a Bank Guarantee can demonstrate the possession of means of support in Italy.
    • Documentation justifying one’s socio-professional condition
    • Health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for emergency hospitalization and repatriation expenses, valid throughout the Schengen area
    • Declaration of hospitality (view) Attention: Since international agreements often change, the documents required may be different from those listed. Always ask the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence for confirmation or further information.

Where should you apply for the visa? Here is the address of the Italian Embassy in Manila with all the contacts: Italian Embassy in MANILA

5th Floor, Tower B One Campus Place McKinley Hill Taguig City, Metro Manila 0063 (0)2 8892 4531 / 4532 / 4533 / 4534

(Consular Chancellery with jurisdiction: the territory of the State, the Republic of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands)

To facilitate the submission of visa applications, also see the website of the external service provider:

How much does it cost to obtain the visa for Italy? Fees corresponding to the administrative expenses for processing the visa application (expressed in Euros): € 80.00 Except in special cases, these fees will be collected in the national currency of the country where the application was submitted.

How long does it take to obtain the Visa for Italy? It usually takes 20 to 30 days, but it is advisable to request an appointment at least 60 days before the desired departure date.

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10 Reasons Why Your Visa Application May Be Denied

Certainly, there are various reasons why a visa to Italy might be denied to a Filipino citizen. Here are 10 common reasons:

  1. Incomplete or Incorrect Documentation: The lack or error in the required documents is one of the main reasons for visa refusal.
  2. Lack of Sufficient Funds: It is necessary to prove that you have enough funds to support your stay in Italy.
  3. Unclear or Unbelievable Purpose of Travel: It is essential to provide a clear and credible explanation for the reason for the trip.
  4. Previous Travel History: Problems with visas or previous stays in Italy or other Schengen countries can negatively influence the decision.
  5. Doubts about the Willingness to Return: If the authorities suspect that the applicant may not return to the Philippines, the visa may be denied.
  6. Security or Criminal Issues: Criminal records or security issues can lead to visa denial.
  7. Health: Concerns related to the applicant’s health, particularly if they could affect public health, can be a factor.
  8. Error in the Application Form: Mistakes or inconsistencies in the application form can lead to refusal.
  9. Inadequate Travel Insurance: Valid travel insurance for the entire duration of the stay in the Schengen area is required.
  10. Relations with the Country of Origin: Political or diplomatic situations between Italy and the Philippines could influence visa approval.

It is important to consult the Italian embassy or consulate in the Philippines or a legal expert to better understand the specific requirements and visa procedures.

What tips can you give me so that my visa application for Italy can be accepted?

To increase the chances of success in your visa application for Italy, there are some important tips to consider:

  1. Complete and Accurate Documentation: Make sure to provide all required documents without errors or omissions. Check multiple times for completeness and accuracy.
  2. Proof of Sufficient Funds: Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for your stay. This can include recent bank statements, financial sponsorship letters, or other financial documents.
  3. Clear Purpose of Travel: Provide a detailed and realistic explanation of the reason for your trip, whether it be for tourism, work, study, or other.
  4. Confirmed Reservations: Present confirmed travel and accommodation bookings, such as round-trip airline tickets and hotel reservation confirmations.
  5. Adequate Travel Insurance: Ensure you have travel insurance that covers the entire duration of your stay in the Schengen area with adequate coverage.
  6. Invitation or Support Letters: If visiting friends, family, or for business, an invitation letter can strengthen your application.
  7. No Security or Criminal Issues: Avoid legal problems before your application and, if necessary, provide explanations for any past issues.
  8. Ties to the Country of Origin: Show strong ties to the Philippines, such as employment, real estate property, or family, to demonstrate your intention to return.
  9. Check Visa Requirements: Ensure that the type of visa you are applying for matches the purpose of your trip. Remember that each case is unique and these tips do not guarantee visa approval, but can help to make your application stronger and more professional. Other sureties for visa and policies for foreigners:
  • Bank Guarantee for Study Visa in Italy
  • Health insurance without age limits for Tourist Visa Italy and Schengen;
  • Bank Guarantee and Health Insurance Policy for Family Reunification;
  • Health insurance without age limits for registration in the municipal register of residence Would you like to understand how we work? Do you want to know who we are? The fastest way is to read the Testimonials of people who have already purchased our products.

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