How to Fill Out the Guarantee Accommodation Declaration or Invitation Letter for Cubans Requested by the Italian Embassy in Cuba?

How to Fill Out an Invitation Letter?

To correctly fill out the invitation letter, carefully follow these instructions:

  • Manual Completion: Check if the Embassy or requesting Entity requires the form to be filled out by hand. If so, use only a blue pen to underline the authenticity of the document.
  • Original Signature: Ensure to sign the document with blue ink to confirm validity. The signature attests to your responsibility for the provided information.
  • Document Submission: You must submit the original form along with a photocopy at the time of application. This step is crucial for the acceptance of your request.
  • Attention to Detail: Lack of documents, omissions, or errors can lead to an immediate refusal of the visa due to incomplete documentation. It is generally not allowed to supplement missing documents after submission.
  • Document Submission: Avoid sending documents via fax or mail directly to the Embassy or Consulate office, as these are usually not considered.
  • Authorized External Services: In some cases, the Embassy may delegate document collection to an authorized external service. It is important to inquire at the relevant embassy to understand specific procedures and accredited services for handling your documentation.

Following these instructions will increase the likelihood of correctly completing the invitation letter, facilitating the visa acquisition process.

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Where Can I Find the Invitation Letter or Guarantee Accommodation Declaration?

On the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, you can find all the necessary and updated forms to apply for a visa and also find the invitation letter:

  • Entry Visas
  • National Visa Application (D)
  • Schengen Visa Application (C)
  • Guarantee and Accommodation Declaration
  • Business Invitation Letter
  • Family Reunion Visa
  • Tourist Visa – Info
  • Tourist Visa – Visit to Family and Friends
  • Business Visa – Info
  • Study Visa – Info

What is the Invitation Letter? And How Does the Invitation Letter Work?

The invitation letter, now called the Guarantee and Accommodation Declaration, is a formal document that a resident of a country (for example, Italy) sends to a foreign citizen who wishes to visit the country for a short period, usually for tourism, business, or to visit family and friends.

This invitation letter is an integral part of the process of applying for an entry visa for the foreign visitor and aims to provide consular authorities with proof that the visitor has a place to stay during their period of stay in the host country and, in some cases, that they will have financial support.

The invitation letter should include details such as:

  • The full identity of the sender (name, address, contact details) and the recipient (the visitor).
  • The relationship between the sender and the recipient.
  • The purpose of the visit.
  • The expected duration of the stay.
  • Information about the accommodation planned for the visitor, specifying whether the visitor will stay at the sender’s residence or elsewhere.
  • The statement of assumption of financial responsibility for the visitor, if applicable.
  • The sender’s signature.

In many cases, the invitation letter must be accompanied by additional documentation, such as proof of income or residence of the sender.

The invitation letter does not automatically guarantee visa approval but is an important document that consular authorities consider in evaluating the visitor’s visa application.

Where to Submit the Invitation Letter for Foreigners?

The invitation letter for foreigners must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate of the country the applicant intends to travel to, located in their country of residence.

In this case, it should be submitted to the Italian Embassy in Havana:

  • Embassy of Italy in Havana
  • 5 Avenida n. 402 – esq. Calle 4, Miramar, Playa, La Habana, 402 Calle 4, La Habana, Cuba
  • Tel: +53 7 2045615
  • Email:

The exact procedure may vary depending on the destination country and the specific requirements of the embassy or consulate in question, so it is important to check the specific details with the relevant institution.

If the visa application process requires it, the host may also need to send the original invitation letter directly to the visitor, who will then present it as part of their visa application documentation.

Read the positive experiences of citizens who have benefited from our services.

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How to Book an Appointment at the Italian Embassy in Cuba?

For those in need of consular services, such as passport issuance, visa applications, or other services at the Embassy of Italy in Havana, Cuba, there is an important update: the appointment booking procedure has undergone a significant update.

The new portal, Prenot@Mi, accessible at, has been introduced to facilitate and make reservations more secure

This change in the system represents a significant step towards optimizing the booking process. With a renewed graphical interface, Prenot@Mi aims to offer users a simpler and more intuitive experience, thus reducing waiting times and improving service efficiency.

One of the highlights of the new system is the improvement in user identification security, ensuring greater protection of personal data.

This change requires special attention to avoid inconvenience and ensure that you proceed correctly in booking the necessary appointments.

The new portal also offers a waiting list management system, allowing users to more easily monitor their position and reduce waiting times for access to consular services. This functionality is particularly useful for those who require services in a timely manner and want to stay updated on their situation.

The introduction of the Prenot@Mi portal represents a step forward in the efficiency of consular services offered by the Embassy of Italy in Havana. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new system to ensure a smooth transition and take advantage of the improvements made in the booking process.

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