23 types of visas for Italy

Do you need a visa for Italy?

For numerous nations around the world, citizens who want to enter Italy require a visa.

The visa application for Italy must be submitted to the competent Italian Embassy or Consulate for the place of residence of the foreign citizen requesting it.

Do you know what type of visa you need?

There are 23 different types of visas, introduced by a decree-law. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Decree of May 11, 2011, mentions 21 of them, another was added in 2020, the Visa for Foreign Investors, and in 2022 the Visa for Digital Nomads was also added.

Let’s try to understand better, here’s what they’re called:

1 – Adoption Visa (VN)

2 – Business Visa (VSU)

3 – Medical Treatment Visa (VSU or VN)

4 – Diplomatic Visa for Accreditation or Notification (VN)

5 – Sports Competition Visa (VSU)

6 – Invitation Visa (VSU)

7 – Self-Employment Visa / Italy StartUp VISA Program / Italy StartUp Hub Program (VSU or VN)

8 – Subordinate Employment Visa (VSU or VN)

9 – Mission Visa (VSU or VN)

10 – Family Reunification Visa (VN)

11 – Religious Visa (VSU or VN)

12 – Re-entry Visa (VN)

13 – Elective Residency Visa (VN)

14 – Research Visa (VSU or VN)

15 – Study Visa (VSU or VN)

16 – Airport Transit Visa (VTL)

17 – Transit Visa (VSU)

18 – Transport Visa (VSU)

19 – Tourist Visa (VSU)

20 – Working Holiday Visa (VN)

21 – Volunteer Visa (VSU or VN)

22 – Visa for Foreign Investors – Investor Visa for Italy (VN)

23 – Visa for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers Certainly, the most requested is the tourist visa for Italy, but the study visa is also in high demand.

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